2016 Unit Coordinator IFN615 Information Management @ QUT.

2016 Unit Coordinator IFN610 Management Issues for Information Professionals @ QUT.

2015 Unit Coordinator IFN617 Managing and Organising Collections @ QUT

2014 Transformational Learning and Teaching Fellow @ QUT creating online resources including the QUT Transform Subject Guide and Evolving as a Connected Digital Learner microcredential module with Dr. Jill Willis.

2014 Marker  LCN616: Inquiry Learning @ QUT (Course Coordinator Dr. Mandy Lupton) teaches inquiry learning skills to critically and creatively engage with information.

2012-2014 Lecturer and marker for IFN001 Advanced Information Research Skills @ QUT (Unit Coordinator Jenny Hall) a 4-point credit unit taught by QUT Library that prepares PhD students for research by way of a systematic introduction to high level research skills. See a video lecture of me explaining how to write a good research question here.

2009-2015 Academic Skills Adviser @ QUT Library teaching academic skills 1-on-1, and via lectures, workshops and eLearning resources including Studywell, Cite|Write and AIRS. See QUT Research Skills Wiki Reading Strategically for Research for a video of my teaching performance.

2010 Convenor of Science Communication @ UQ. Unit Coordinator for Masters of Science Communication units WRIT7200: Introduction to Science Communication & WRIT7210: Presenting Science @ UQ

2009 Unit coordinator of COGS1000: Minds & Machines Introduction to Cognitive Science @ UQ

2007-2008 Tutor for PHIL2200: The Philosophy of Time Travel (Course Coordinator Dr. Phil Dowe), COGS1000: Minds & Machines Introduction to Cognitive Science (Course Coordinator Dr. John Wilkins) and COMU1010: The Art of Communication (Course Coordinator Dr. Joan Leach) @ UQ

2005-2006 Unit Coordinator for 730:105:B6: Current Moral & Social Issues @ Rutgers

2005 Tutor for 730:104 Introduction to Philosophy (Course coordinator Dr. Stephen Stich) @ Rutgers

2000 Tutor Science, Philosophy & History (Course coordinator Dr. Neil Thomason) and HPSC20001 Darwinism: history of a very big idea (Course coordinator Dr. Rosemary Robins)

In addition to teaching duties I was awarded a Transformational Learning and Teaching Fellowship @ QUT in 2014. In 2005 @ Rutgers, I organised a round table discussion with  ‘How to Teach Ethics‘ (Rutgers).

I am interested in using diverse physical spaces to improve students’ mnemonic recall, theoretical issues concerning the  flipped classroom, the Shut Up and Write movement and Academic Writing Retreats as modes of  active learning, particularly writing skills.

S. Kate Devitt

Research Associate, Institute for Future Environments and the Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology