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Philosophy and robots

Tweet Philosophy is the study of what there is, what we can know, what we ought to be and what we ought to do. The philosophy of robots thus is the study of what robots are, how we can know

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Most cited philosophy papers (Google Scholar data)

Tweet   Here’s a nice spreadsheet of the top 395 most-cited philosophy papers 2010-2015 created by Josh Knobe. UPDATE: Due to social media request, I have created a second wordle that cleans up the all-caps. Tweet

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Australasian Cognitive Science Conference

Tweet   My paper has been accepted as a paper for the Australasian Society for Cognitive Science’s conference. TITLE: ¬†Defending confirmational chorism against holism: Limited coherence and coordination as sources of epistemic justification. ¬† ¬† KEYWORDS: coherence, coordination, epistemology ABSTRACT:This

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New metric for ranking philosophy journals

Tweet I have been making metrics ranking philosophy journals based on both subjective (philosopher ranked) and objective (citation data) criteria, two of my metrics have been linked and commented on by Brian Leiter on his blog. DEVITT’S LGS-INDEX Top Philosophy

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S. Kate Devitt

Research Associate, Institute for Future Environments and the Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology