In 2017 I am a Research Associate in Robotics and Autonomous Systems in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science for the Institute for Future Environments and Research Associate for the Faculty of Law.

I am on the Leadership team of the IntelliSensing Enabling Platform that seeks to undertake and enable research to transform data collection, modelling, analytics, and decision making. I am currently researching the ethics of autonomous systems and the rationality of regulation & legal defences of decisions under uncertainty.

I am currently Project Manager on IFE Catapult project: Optimising cognitive inputs and data analytics for decision support systems (Jul 2016-Jun 2017) and postdoctoral researcher in cognitive decision science for a Cotton Research Development Corporation (CRDC) Agri-Intelligence in Cotton Production Systems grant. I am also working on a QUT-Industry grant with Horticulture Innovation Australia project VG15054: Data analytics and app technology to guide on farm irrigation contributing expertise in cognitive data analytics to maximise the usability and adoption of apps created by agricultural start up The Yield.

I hold a First Class Honours degree in the History and Philosophy of Science and major in Psychology from the University of Melbourne where I specialised in the cognitive science of statistical decision-making. I hold a PhD in Philosophy and Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Science from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. My PhD constructed a new cognitive model of decision-making combining Bayesian rationality and empirically grounded virtue epistemology.

My research focuses on cognitive decision science, ethics of technology, rationality and data epistemology. Areas of interest include barriers to the adoption of digital agricultural technologies, the trustworthiness of autonomous systems and implementing Bayesian rationality with social media UX design. I create cognitive models for informed decision-making across a broad range of contexts and industry applications.

In 2014, I was a Transformational Learning and Teaching Fellow (Learning and Teaching Unit @ QUT). My role in QUT Transform included the construction of an archive and taxonomy of data from the Transform Google+ social network,  creating the Transform subject guide, working with the module curriculum teams to design engaging eLearning experiences, and researching best practise for student support services grounded in connectivist pedagogy informed by social network/LMS integrated learning analytics.

I have taught into philosophy, communication and information science across four Universities: University of Melbourne, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey,  The University of Queensland, and Queensland University of Technology.

I have won three Vice Chancellor’s Performance Awards for online learning resources and teaching and learning support:

S. Kate Devitt

Research Associate, Institute for Future Environments and the Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology